Motor Salvage

Motor Salvage

Ace Auto Salvage strategy is to efficiently manage all salvage vehicles in line with SAIA code of conduct, all vehicles are dealer stocked into our name, code 3A salvage vehicles are stripped for parts to ensure that they are not disposed of as whole unit and put back into the market. Burn-outs and totally crushed vehicles are shredded and crushing certificates are issued, preventing cloning o f vehicles due to theft etc.

We buy and sell repo vehicles and stolen and recovered as well. We also buy un-insured vehicles from the public upload your details on our portal, we pay better than market related prices for them, and we can also sell your vehicle on your behalf.

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Non-Motor Salvage

Non Motor Salvage

Ace Auto Salvage purchases & sells all non-motor salvage items. Items ranging from personal to commercial, e.g. Appliances, Audio Visual, Building, Computing equipment, Furniture & Deco, Office Equipment & Handheld & Wearable Electronics.

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Managed Salvage

Managed Salvage

Ace Auto Salvage managed salvage solutions are avaiable to clients in need of either a motor or non-motor managed salvage solution.

Benefits to contracted partners include zero-cost upliftments and storage across South Africa, plus online access to our Salvage Management Portal.

Ace Auto Salvage at present has salvage contracts in place with a number of major short-term insurance providers, banks and brokers.

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